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Hi besties, I'm so happy that you here. Let me introduce myself. My name is Becky and I hope I will be your wedding gal.

Life has been rewarding when I get to do the things I love. I have dreamed to be a wedding planner as soon as I saw The Wedding Planner movie when I was 12. A light bulk went off in my head because that moment I knew, I can do this magical work as a career.

And it comes naturally for me (I guess because I manifest it). How did the WDCC idea come to me? I was working as Wedding Assistant and Venue Coordinator for 2 years. As I shot lots of videos and created content for my social media, the brides loved the Reels and photos. Oftentimes, they asked me to send them over! That's how it leads me here. I want you to get a chance to re-live it the next day and drop it (on social media) like it's hot.


The line of work utilizes my gifts, motivates me to learn and allows me to live my It-girl era. I also speak Vietnamese and familiar with Vietnamese wedding traditions if you need support on that. 


Whether executing your big day or help you to film BTS shots,

I'm glad that I'm here to make the moments magical and unforgettable for you. 

Talk to you soon,


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