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a couple/marrying couple/engaged couple taking engagement photo for their wedding on a shore


Dear Besties,

Excitement is in the air! I'm here to provide the perfect mix of technical expertise and heartfelt support for your upcoming celebration. Whether it's coordinating weddings, events, or capturing special moments as your personal paparazzi, each service is meticulously tailored to your preferences.

Based in Vancouver, Toronto, Canada, and Southern California, I'm ready to join you on this journey and even travel with you. Let's create a remarkable celebration together! 🎉





I'm Becky, your dedicated wedding expert!

From the enchanting moment I watched The Wedding Planner at age 12, I knew orchestrating weddings was my calling. It's a dream I've turned into reality, with a natural flair for making magical moments happen.

The concept of becoming a Wedding Day Content Creator revealed itself after spending two years in the wedding industry. As I shared snippets on Instagram, my couples loved the reels and photos, often asking for copies – and that's how I found this service is needed!

Whether orchestrating your big day or capturing behind-the-scenes magic, I'm here to ensure your moments with your boo are nothing short of magical and unforgettable.


Can't wait to be a part of your big day.


Let's schedule a call and
chat soon.

Not sure what you are looking for before scheduling a call?
Email us your questions at

  • Can I still hire you even though I am not into Reels and TikToks?
    Absolutely! We can always customize a package that's perfect for you. But hey, let's break it down: Reels and TikTok videos aren't just about lip syncing or nailing those trendy transitions. We can go beyond that and create epic recap wedding videos that you can proudly share with your friends and family. It's all about capturing those magical moments and turning them into something truly memorable!
  • Are you comfortable with capturing cultural or religious weddings/events?
    Definitely! I'm totally comfortable capturing cultural or religious events. I embrace the diversity and richness of different traditions, and I genuinely enjoy documenting the unique moments that make these events so special. So, whether it's a cultural celebration or a religious ceremony, count me in! I'll make sure to approach it with respect, sensitivity, and an open mind. Let's work together to capture the essence and beauty of your event in a way that truly honors your culture or religion.
  • I'd like to have footage of my guests mingling and enjoying the entertainment that I plan for them. Would you be able to capture that?
    Absolutely! We will have a fun and detailed chat before your big day. We'll dive deep into your vision for the footage, discussing all the important details like how, where, when, and who you want me to capture. Besides, we'll make sure to prioritize those precious moments like the ceremony and the first look, ensuring they are beautifully filmed too!
  • Will you do it on my phone?
    Everything will be recording through my 2 phones and I will send it to you at the end of the day. You can keep your phone to yourself while still ensuring you have stunning wedding content to treasure forever.
  • Have you received any pushback from photographers and videographers?
    Personally, I have worked and talked to many local photographers and videographers. They all agree that this adds another great layer of memory preservation. And to ensure a smooth collaboration, I always reach out to discuss a few key points: - I make it clear that I am a secondary shooter, prioritizing the primary photographers and videographers. I'm always ready to step aside if needed. Teamwork makes the dream work! - To avoid any mix-ups or confusion, I have a clause in my contract requesting clients to credit the proper photographers and videographers for their outstanding work. This ensures that each artist gets the recognition and credit they deserve.
  • Are the photos and videos I receive at the end of the wedding unedited?
    Because of the "instant gratification" nature of our services, all the photos and videos you'll receive will be in their raw and unedited form. This gives you an authentic and unfiltered glimpse behind the scenes. However, if your package includes Reels or TikToks, rest assured that those will be edited for according to your vision for each video.
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